Importance of CLeaniliness Essay In English

Importance of Cleanliness Essay In English

Hygiene is very important to us. Failure to uphold some level of hygiene can have serious health hazards to us and the people around us. This is because health and hygiene go hand in hand like butter and bread. It is highly unlikely therefore that you can be healthy with poor hygiene. Being social creatures, it is up to us to maintain high levels of cleanliness. And it is not a matter of choice, but our responsibility – just like paying taxes.

Basic hygienic behavior is more effective if it is inculcated from childhood. Children who are taught the value of hygiene, grow up to be hygienically sound adults than those who are not taught from their formative years. Hygienic routines can be introduced into kids’ lives and reinforced continuously, until they are registered into their minds and become part of their lifestyles. Parents should however preach what they do, because children are more susceptible to follow what their parents do than what they say. So, parents have to be role models and lead by example.

Hygiene can be grouped into two, personal and environmental hygiene.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene refers to practices that keep our bodies and our immediate environment clean. Most of these practices are done on a daily basis, because of the tendency of our bodies to get unclean easily. When it comes to our bodies, they should be bathed at least once a day with clean water and detergent soap. We should also brush our teeth twice a day- in the morning to have fresh breadth during the day and in the evening, because bacteria are usually active at night when we are asleep.

The toothbrush should be recommended by dentists, because most of these cheap brushes have hard bristles and they tend to damage gums. Our nails should be clean and well-trimmed. For those who like to keep them long, ensure that they are well kept and clean also.

Our clothes have to be clean all the time. How we choose to store them is also an issue because keeping them in dump places with poor aeration will make them stink. They can be folded well in suitcases or hanged in closets. Furthermore, we should avoid recycling clothes and just wear them once, before we wash them – especially our undies. Our hairs should also be taken care of. Whether we choose to keep them short or long or whichever style we like to make them, they should always be neat and clean.

They should be washed with shampoo regularly, so that they do not stink or loose luster and flexibility. We are also required to shave our bodies, either by waxing or using a blade. In addition, we have to monitor our body odor by using cologne (for men) and perfume (for women).

The next part of personal hygiene is to keep our environment sparkling clean as our bodies. It would be absurd to be extremely smart body wise, but living in a completely dirty house. Our immediate environment is reflected to us. It does not matter how many showers you take per day, if your house is dirty, then you are also dirty period. Houses should be dusted, vacuum cleaned and mopped on a regular basis.

Windows should be washed so that they are crystal clear. Tables, panels and flat surfaces should be wiped regularly and washed. Walls can be repainted and carpets washed once in a while. Our garages and storage rooms are usually the dirtiest, because we tend to dump things in them. They should also be cleaned, arranged nicely and all the extra garbage thrown away to be on the safe side. The houses should be well aerated with open windows to allow fresh air during the day. Air freshener may also be used to keep the house smelling lovely. The lawns should be watered daily and trimmed well.

Once in a while, the houses can be sprayed with insecticides and pesticides to ward off insects and disease causing vectors. Crevices on walls should also be filled to keep insects away. Unbeknownst to most people, the two places that have the highest prevalence of bacteria, fungi and insects are kitchen and bathroom. They are therefore the places that need thorough cleaning. Kitchen surfaces should be spotlessly clean.

The cabinets should be cleaned regularly to keep cockroaches and spiders out and opened once in a while for aeration. Also, the lower cabinets should not be dump. Clogging and leaking sinks should be fixed and garbage bins should be emptied at least once a day to prevent the house from stinking. In the bathroom, the toilet bowl and the bathtub should be cleaned on a daily basis with a detergent. The surfaces should also be wiped to prevent dust build up.

benefits of personal hygiene

One of the benefits of good hygiene is disease prevention. Our body comes in contact with a lot of germs, especially on our hands. A good example is money, which is one of the dirtiest things on earth. It is important that we keep washing our hands regularly, as most of the germs reach our body through the mouth.

Therefore, by maintaining a high level of hygiene, we are preventing our bodies from coming in contact with disease-causing vectors. This in turn will save us a lot of suffering and medical costs. Plus, we feel more confident knowing that we look and smell good. Our self-esteem is boosted and our spirits are rejuvenated. Cleanliness actually increases our desirability among our peers, thereby improving our scores in social rankings.

Besides, cleanliness comes with respect. People treat us the way we treat ourselves. Therefore, if we treat ourselves with respect and dignity, we will be treated the same way. It’s no surprise that smart people are naturally admired and respected by everyone. Being clean actually gives us peace of mind. When we’re clean, we don’t care about how we smell or look or what people think of us. We get comfortable with people, which makes us feel good.

Another shocking fact is that sweating and generally impurity keep us tired and restless, reducing our efficiency. However, after taking a bath, we feel refreshed and energetic. There is nothing quite as refreshing as lying in bed with clean sheets or spending hours in the bathtub with some music playing in the background.

environmental sanitation

It is the improvement of cleanliness and environment and is done at the community level. Most of the people do not indulge in this type of exercise, because they take the responsibility of keeping the environment clean to the government, after all they pay the tax, right? While this may be true, it is actually prudent that we do not participate in environmental pollution or degradation, simply because we pay the government to clean it up. Most of the people are really unaware of the effects of pollution and the risks it poses to the generations to come. So instead of behaving selfishly we should keep their best interests in mind and live in such a way that the environment is preserved for the generations to come.

We can start by using appropriate disposable methods. We should ensure that all the garbage goes in the dustbin and not on the roads. In addition, we can recycle items to reduce production, which is the main reason why there are so many garbage heaps all over the world. This is especially true for plastics, which have a poor degradation rate.

We can also create or create organizations whose sole purpose is to keep the environment clean. Apart from cleaning and reclaiming polluted land, we can also organize seminars and environmental workshops to educate and sensitize people on the importance of protecting the environment.

benefits of environmental cleanliness
The first advantage of keeping our environment clean is that we preserve it for generations to come. It would be unfair for them to inherit a world that is so polluted that it exposes them to a lot of health risks. Secondly, a clean environment is really nice to look at. Nature was made beautiful, it is human activities that destroy it. By conserving the environment, we are also conserving wildlife and marine life. Land and marine animals are most affected by pollution, as waste is rapidly reaching their habitats.

Whoever coined the phrase that “cleanliness is next to godliness” was spot on. Cleanliness is very important and it should be an integral part of our life. Even animals, which cannot be compared to humans, understand cleanliness and sometimes take a dip in rivers and lakes. So, if animals can do it, why can’t we?

The issue of cleanliness should not be a matter of debate. Except the insane, who are mentally handicapped, every sane person is obliged to remain clean. Unclean lifestyle exposes us and the people around us to a lot of risks and we can easily avoid all these risks if we all take bath daily.

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