Short Essay on Pollution in English

Short Essay on Pollution in English


Pollution is a serious problem in our modern world. Pollution has been around for a long period of time, even before the advent of human evolution. It is now a concern that it is increasing day by day because of various pollutants. One of these pollutants is pollution from humans and machines created by humans. It is clear that pollution is causing severe damage to mother earth and that we as humans must do our part to stop it from happening.

What is Pollution?

Pollution is the presence of pollutants in the natural environment. It causes damage or harm to the environment and can lead to negative changes.

Different types of pollution:

There are three main types of pollution: 1) Air Pollution; 2) Water Pollution, and 3) Soil Pollution.

  • Air Pollution

Air pollution is caused by the presence of harmful substances and gases in the air. This is caused by vehicle emissions, dust and dirt, toxic gasses from factories, and vehicle emissions. We should consider using public transport or carpooling to reduce air pollution. Also, it is better to avoid burning trash and other harmful substances.

  • Water Pollution

When toxic substances mix in water bodies like rivers, oceans, lakes, etc, it creates water pollution. Toxic substances can be defined as Chemical fertilizer, Industrial wastewater, Sewage, and Wastewater, Mining activities, and Marine dumping.

  • Pollution of the soil:

Soil pollution depicts the contamination of soil due to the presence of toxic substances suchasExcessiveuseoffertilisersandpesticides, deforestation, industrial waste, etc.suchasExcessiveuseoffertilisersandpesticides, deforestation, industrial waste, etc. To maintain the soil’s fertility, the government must limit the usage of fertilizers and plant more trees.

Other than radioactive pollution, there are other pollutants. This is one of the more rare types of pollution. This is due to radioactive substances like nuclear waste, which can be found in liquids and air.


Everyone has a responsibility to prevent the negative effects of pollution. To reduce pollution, it is important to be aware of all possible preventative measures. For example, we should not scream at people or use public transport to reduce pollution. We also need to avoid using loudspeakers and public honking to help reduce noise pollution. This should be something we are always aware of and do our best to rectify. We are the ones who need to be careful from the beginning. Make sure everyone around you is aware. It is important to take eco-friendly measures such as planting more trees, reducing plastic usage, using more sustainable products in the home, and so on. When talking about pollution in the world, it is important to remember that every little step can make a big difference.


Every kind of pollution has a devastating effect on the environment, our lives, and animals. As responsible citizens, we must work together to create a better tomorrow. This problem must be tackled together. Every day, pollution puts innocent lives at risk. We will soon face doom if we do not do anything or stand up to stop pollution from the earth.

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