Short Essay on Russia in English

Short Essay on Russia


Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a culturural symbol of Russia

Russia is a country which is known to everyone in the whole world. Which is a powerful country like America. Russia is a country with a very large area located in Eastern Europe and North Asia.


The area of ​​this country is 1,70,75,400 km. With such a large area, Russia becomes the largest country in the world and is more than 5 times bigger than India.


The main and national language of Russia is Russian.


The capital of this country is Moscow.


Despite Russia being the largest country in the world in terms of area, the population here is very less. Russia comes in 7th number in terms of population in the world. Most of the population of Russia lives in the European part.


First and Second World War Russia became the largest communist country in the world after the First World War and Russia became a social and political power after the Second World War.

History of Russia

The world also knows Russia by the name of Russia. The history of the modern peoples of Russia originate from original Slavic peoples, who came from the north and west.

In the thirteenth century, due to the invasion of the Mongols, the empire of the Kiwi Rus disintegrated. But after the thirteenth century, as the power of the Mongols waned in the West, Russia also became independent. Until this time Russia was confined only to Europe – that is, west of the Ural Mountains.

In 1380, Dmitry established the Russian Empire in Moscow, which can be called the cornerstone of modern Russia. Then came the rule of the Tsars – during this period the Russian Empire became powerful in Europe and towards the East.

In 1721, Russia gradually took a colonial form. Despite of discoveries made in Western Europe, Russia expanded to the east through the efforts of Peter the Great and other rulers. After subduing the Mongols of northern China, the Russian army reached the shores of Japan, and since then the Russian Empire has become so vast.

Russia’s provinces

Russia’s 46 provinces, 21 republics, 9 autonomous principalities, 4 autonomous districts, 1 autonomous province and 2 unionized cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg.


The name of the Russian currency is the Russian Ruble.

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Ref: Saint Basil’s Cathedral

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