10 lines on importance of trees in English

10 lines on importance of trees in English

  • Trees play an important role in the life of organisms and they are vital for our survival on earth.
  • They provide us with food and oxygen, two essential components of life.
  • Apart from these, trees also provide many other benefits to human beings and thus they are considered as the most essential part of life.
  • Trees and plants are those that consume carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and give out oxygen which supports our life.
  • Oxygen is the most essential element for humans to survive.
  • In addition, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that leads to global warming.
  • Hence this cycle of nature helps in maintaining balance in the environment.
  • Therefore, afforestation will purify the air and will also help in reducing global warming.
  • Trees develop a rich and strong ecosystem in which animals, birds, insects and many other living beings depend on trees for their survival and life.
  • Trees are present at the bottom of the food chain because they can make their own food through the process of photosynthesis.
  • Thus, they contribute to the ecosystem in a big way and make the environment clean and healthy.
  • Apart from this, many types of Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines are made from the trees which are used to cure various types of diseases.
  • Trees also maintain water balance in the ecosystem, the roots of trees are built in such a way that it holds the soil firmly and does not allow it to flow during rains and floods, thus preventing soil erosion and landslides. help in.
  • Trees are a rich source of air and food and also contribute to the aesthetic beauty of nature.
  • People enjoy in the lap of trees as nature itself is a great stress reliever and makes people feel good and active.
  • Trees provide shade even in the scorching sun and give us relief from its cool and cool breeze. Therefore trees and plants are an important part of human life.
  • They also help in the economic development of the country due to its various uses in medicine and wood industry.
  • So it is our duty to preserve such beautiful creation of God and thus we should promote tree plantation and discourage those activities which are harmful to trees.

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