Engage students in online classes

Engage students in online classes: Engage students in virtual classes by following these simple tips:

Keeping students interested in a virtual classroom can be a daunting task. Here are some tips that can be useful in keeping their interest and ensuring that there are no learning gaps!

The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the world. Social distancing is the best way to stop the spread of this disease. Like everything, educational institutions have also come to a standstill. However, in an effort to continue learning, schools are resorting to online classes for all their students.


While this method is effective in keeping the children updated with their respective curriculum, a challenge before the teachers is to keep the students engaged during the online learning process. It is quite challenging to teach them when they are physically present in the class. So, when they are not, it becomes even more difficult. Let’s take a look at some simple tips that can help teachers increase student engagement and ensure that the purpose of online classes is fully served:


1. Shorten the classes –

Instead of taking more sessions, it is advisable to keep them short. This ensures that students listen to the entire session as it matches their attention span. Based on the topic chosen by the teachers, they should organize the session in such a way that all the major points are discussed in a concise manner. Keeping these short will make the learning process easier and the students will be able to understand and remember it better.

2. Progress Report

Conduct online tests or quizzes with the help of school ERP software and make sure to check the progress of students from time to time. Make sure the learning is effective and that students are able to understand what is being taught. By conducting examinations and giving grades to them, the spirit of competition is maintained among the students. They work hard to score better and the same grades can be shared with the parents to make them aware of the situation.
In case of equal performance of any student, special attention should be given to them and additional classes may be organized to keep up with their progress along with the rest of the students.

3. Add Fun to the Class too –

The old saying, ‘all work and no play…’ still holds true today. So, make sure you include some fun in the online learning environment as well. A group activity like sports can be included and this will make the students look forward to these sessions.

4. Conduct Quiz with Prize for Best Performance –

In addition to exams, teachers can employ quizzes on-the-spot. The purpose of their operation is the same – to keep students engaged at all times and to ensure that they are able to understand the lessons being taught.
Rewarding students who perform well in these quizzes is an added advantage. Make sure you inform them about the prizes so they can compete with each other.

5. Make the Most of Technology –

Use resources that are technically proficient and improve classrooms. Audio and video files, whiteboards, file sharing tools and live interactions are just a few of the ways in which virtual classrooms can enhance student engagement.

Make class room rules – With physical classes where students are expected to sit quietly until they get a chance to ask questions. Similarly for online classes, the teacher has to define some basic rules and ensure that they are followed at all times. Be sure to allot specific time periods for chats, questions, etc. This will lead to better classroom management and also keep the students disciplined.

All those schools who are striving to make learning a continuous process with the help of school ERP software can use these tips to engage their students to the maximum. This is a totally new concept in India and hence, should be done in the right way without any glitches. These tips are effective and easy to implement.

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